Barreira Arte y Diseño

With a history that dates back to the 1950s, Barreira A + D is a pioneering Spanish school for artistic education. 

A leading school in the Valencia region and across Spain.

The official higher education centre Barreira Arte + Diseño, founded by Vicente Barreira , has been providing artistic courses since 1957. When you choose to study at Barreira Arte y Diseño, you enter a different, diversified and creative environment; an environment within which you can be who you want, because our students and teachers not only respect differences, but also encourage the development of each individual’s personality, talent and own voice. 

Our courses

The School has a campus in Valencia. Each year, it trains students in several fields. 


  • Graphic design
  • Fashion design
  • Interior design


  • Character design
  • 3D Animation

Video game design

  • Developement
  • 2D & 3D animation


  • Creative & digital production
  • Characterisation & FX
  • Costumes
  • Storyboarding
  • Digital audio

Our campus

The School is located in a former brush factory on Gran Vía Fernando el Católico.


Our values


We understand diversity and we identify with differences. Our team creates a critical context and builds a setting within which diversity, inclusiveness, creativity and effort are brought together, generating a free spirit. We respect new ideas, initiatives and beliefs. We recognise each individual’s work and listen to all opinions, free from any prejudice or disqualification. With this, we want to promote integration, socialisation and adaptation within our School.

Social responsibility

We advocate the values of sustainability, solidarity and social justice, and through our courses and research, we collaborate to achieve a better, fairer planet.


Barreira A+D’s ethical behaviour in all of its activities and relationships is guided by the ethical framework defined by the centre, while ensuring full compliance with legal and internal regulations intended to guarantee equal opportunities. 


We are committed to quality and excellence in the education services we provide. We are transparent and honest with our quality policy, and we guarantee its application in the fields of education and work. We offer resources and create initiatives that improve the quality of our teaching at Barreira A + D. We make every effort to achieve a common goal.


We believe that innovation is a way of adapting to change and responding to new trends in education, work and design. This attitude enables us to offer resources and create initiatives that improve the quality of our education and add value to Barreira A +D’s training teams and programmes. 


We understand our students’ needs, so we focus in particular on the development of skills relating to art and design, creating multidisciplinary and highly prepared professionals who are able to meet the demands required. 

Our students learn by working on creative projects that are truly aligned with their target professional sector. 


Barreira Arte y Diseño founded


Campus created in Spain