The group

AD Education is a network of schools for creative careers in France, Italy, Spain and Germany. 

At AD Education, we train recognised, rigorous and creative professionals in the design, digital, communication, culture, luxury and audiovisual fields. 

We believe that creativity in all its forms must be a core training focus for young people. We therefore contribute to the world that our students will be faced with and an integral part of. To achieve this, we focus simultaneously on two goals: satisfying our students, through a demanding theoretical and practical learning experience, and ensuring their successful integration within a constantly evolving professional world. 

Our ambition is to build increasingly strong connections between the AD Education network’s 15 schools and to effectively prepare our 18,000 students, across 47 campuses, to become proactive creative thinkers to imagine, innovate and succeed in tomorrow’s world. 

We are committed to moving forward with an ambitious strategy for the international development of our network and courses to offer an ever-growing choice of options for our students and to build meaningful and diverse European pathways.  

Our development is also supported by our acceleration of the digital transformation of our tools and methods with a view to developing our modern vision for education.  

Lastly, as a committed stakeholder in the world of education, we have a responsibility to transmit the challenges from today’s world to future generations with an active policy and dedicated initiatives in order to better take into account the social and environmental challenges that our students will face during their careers.  

All of these features make AD Education a unique group in the higher education sector, effectively positioned to prepare our students to create their own success and succeed with their creations. 

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Our team

With extensive international experience, bringing together the business world and higher education sectors, AD Education’s leadership team are committed to continuing to build on and promote excellence in all of the courses offered across our Group.