EAC is the leading international culture, luxury and art market school. 

The dedicated school for careers in the culture, luxury and art market fields.

Since 1985, EAC has been a leading school for careers in the culture, art market and luxury fields.
AC’s team is made up of trainers who are professionals with expert knowledge in their fields and academic support staff who are present and attentive.

Our courses

Culture, Luxury, Art Market: EAC has built its reputation around these three programmes.


  • Cultural projet management
  • Cultural & artistic management


  • Luxury marketing & management

Art market

  • Art market management

Our campuses

Dynamic school with ambitions for excellence across its two campuses. 


Our values

Be a part of a school with a strong histiry

During the 33 years since it was founded, EAC has established itself as a leading-edge school for training students and professionals in these sectors.

Join our robust networks and partnerships

EAC has successfully built up an international educational network. EAC has been part of the Erasmus network since 2006 and has signed up to a number of mobility programmes in Europe and around the world (Japan, South Korea, Brazil etc.). In addition to these mobility opportunities for studying at different schools, we have educational partnerships that enable our students to gain dual qualifications abroad.

Benefit from nationally and internationally-recognised courses

EAC courses are accredited by the French State (RNCP – masters) and recognized by national and international industry federations. Thanks to our agreements with European, Chinese and Korean schools (joint / dual degrees) and our full English courses, EAC is able to adapt to international issues. 

Educational goal

Combining know-how and practical experience = In line with this approach, EAC harnesses the skills of leading professionals from the art and literary worlds, economic organisations and universities specialised in educational sciences. 

Since being founded 33 years ago, EAC has established itself as a leading-edge school. 


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