École Supérieure du Parfum

École Supérieure du Parfum is the leading creation and management school for the perfume, cosmetics and fragrances industry. 

The creation and management school for the perfume industry

Since it was founded in 2011, École Supérieure du Parfum has benefited from support from leading perfume industry institutions and companies that actively help define its training content and are a key part of the School’s life through partnerships. 

Our courses

The School has two campuses in France: Paris and Grasse. 

Life sciences and chemistry

  • Paris / Versailles

Our campuses

Teaching our students how to create perfumes requires the use of precision equipment. École Supérieure du Parfum students therefore have access to a chemical laboratory and olfaction laboratory. 


As the only school of its kind worldwide, Ecole Supérieure du Parfum offers you opportunities to be part of an industry that is focused on excellence through its full-time and continuing professional development programmes. 


School founded


Campuses in France