Since it was founded in 1984, ECV has trained design, animation, video game and digital professionals. 

Our school immerges its students within a community of creative students, empowering them to progress.

By opening up this network to its students, the School is able to offer them the best opportunities for integration. At ECV, our students share far more than just a school: 
They share a mindset and an outstanding community. 

It’s by learning to create together that our students gain confidence and develop their own singularity. ECV is a place of mixing, hybridization and creative effervescence that allows each student to experiment and assert his or her talent.

Julie Costes — Executive Director of ECV

Our courses

The School has five campuses in France: Paris, Bordeaux, Nantes, Lille and Aix-en-Provence. Each year, it trains 2,700 students enrolled for preparatory year, bachelor’s and master’s programmes. 


  • Graphic Design
  • Interactive Design
  • Design & Typography
  • Design & Strategy
  • Interior Design


  • 2D & 3D Animation
  • Animation & Games


  • Animation & Gams
  • Game Art
  • Game Design


  • Web Development
  • UX Design
  • Marketing
  • Communication
  • Stratégy

Our campuses

Since it was founded in 1984, ECV has chosen to establish itself in vibrant and creative cities. 


Our values

Excellence and high standards of education

ECV is particularly committed to the quality of its training and its teaching team, which is made up of renowned and distinguished professionals in their fields. Our close and privileged exchanges with various agencies feed into our content and enable it to evolve… 

Network and recognition

Since it was founded, ECV has established close relationships with leading industry organisations and agencies from the design, animation, game and digital sectors; these links are further strengthened through the presence of its graduates in many different sectors around the worl

Professionalism and partnerships

ECV’s learning approach is focused on work on real-life cases with corporate partners. Chosen for their interesting opportunities for collaboration between our School and the various businesses, these projects enable our students to gain first-hand experience of the professional realities faced and the high standards required

Daring and creative

Bringing together different areas of know-how and cultures, knowing how to take risks and experimenting to help new creations and ideas to emerge: these are values that guide us and that we share with our students in order to enable them to become excellent. 


In a career that has become freed up from borders, it is essential to train creatives who are mobile and open to the world. At ECV, we reflect this by encouraging our students to take up international internships and to make the most of the various agreements for university exchanges, capitalising on our partnerships with schools and universities and being part of our international networks and events. 

School life

The foundations for learning at ECV are built around the human values and dedication of our training teams. A school is a community of learning and sharing that must support its students to fulfil their potential, work as a team and develop their sense of initiative. This enables our students to build their future and their professional network with confidence. 

The School immerses its students within a community of creative talents, inspiring them and helping them to progress.


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Campuses in France