Since 1927, ESP has trained advertising, communication and marketing professionals in line with its slogan: “Advertising Next Generation”. 

Since 1927, ESP hast trained its students on the fascinating world of communication, marketing and digital.

Today, ESP trains more than 1,200 students each year. We offer them all of the skills needed to become true professionals for communication, advertising, digital, marketing and management careers with communications agencies, media companies, advertisers… 

Our courses

Our programmes are designed to enable our ESP graduates to develop the intellectual agility needed to adapt within the digital environment. 

Communication & Marketing

  • Communication Marketing
  • Public relations & Events
  • Influence & Réputation
  • Brand Strategy
  • Corporate & Institutional Communication
  • Responsible marketing & Ethical Communication


  • Communication & Advertising
  • Advertising Creation
  • Media Strategies


  • Digital strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • Strategic Planning
  • Artistic Direction & Digital Design
  • Digital Advertising & Media Planning

Our campuses

École Supérieure de Publicité is present in four cities across France: Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux and Toulouse. 


Our values

Guaranteeing professional experience for our learners

(Employability figures for our alumni)

Supporting learners throughout their studies

Accreditation, success and continued study options for learners with our training pathways

Engaging our skateholders

Our quality approach is focused on satisfaction and a culture of continuous improvement

Upholding our values

Diversity, equality, respect

École Supérieure de Publicité is France’s oldest communication school


ESP founded


Campuses in France

1 200

Students trained each year