Institut National de Gemmologie

Since 1967, Institut National de Gemmologie has trained gemmology and high jewellery professionals. 

At l’ING, we have studied gems and precious stones since 1962, training professionals for tomorrow’s world.

Gemmology is a fascinating sector for those who are passionate about gems and precious stones. Our school’s history began with the creation of the Association Française de Gemmologie by researchers, professionals and enthusiasts focused on studying stones. A few years later, in 1967, Institut National de Gemmologie (ING) was founded. 

Our courses

The School has two campuses in France: Paris and Lyon. It trains more than 200 students each year. 

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Extensive professional network

Thanks to its historical links with the Association Française de Gemmologie, and its membership of the Federation of European Education in Gemmology (FEEG), Institut National de Gemmologie is able to benefit from a rich environment offering opportunities to build close links with professional sectors. Recognising its expertise and the creation of a network of professionals by our students. Our training centre is accredited for the international European Gemmologist qualificatio 

Our training centre’s educational approach

Our training centre has developed courses for all types of situations: whether you have graduated from high school and are looking for a bachelor’s programme in gemmology and/or luxury, or you are a professional looking to change careers and move into gemmology (professional training) or interested in gaining additional knowledge to further strengthen your existing qualifications, or you are simply an enthusiast of precious stones and beautiful objects, Institut National de Gemmologie covers all of these courses in gemmology. 

ING offers the guarantee of a continuous learning approach.


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