The 100% online and work-based school.

ISCOD, the first 100% digital school !

ISCOD (Institut Supérieur des Compétences de Demain) enables its students to be competitive on the job market with a view to becoming true stakeholders in the transformation of business.

As a Business & IT school, iSCOD is a real spring-board for a successful first professional integration. With its alternating work-study and 100% online learning model, it aims to train future professionals by their peers and to accompany them efficiently towards employment in a rapidly changing work market.

Nicolas Montetagaud — Executive Director of Oktogone Group, Visiplus et iSCOD

Our courses

ISCOD operates in all business sectors and trains people for tomorrow’s careers ans skills :

Work-based training programmes

  • Marketing, Communication & Digital
  • Commercial & Customer Relations
  • Management & Administration
  • Human Resources
  • Real Estate
  • Administration, Finance & Accounting


ISCOD offers a range of over 30 courses leading to qualifications recognised by the French State, from undergraduate – Bac+2 – to postgraduate – Bac+5 (RNCP 5 to 7), all accessible with a 100% digital learning format. ISCOD is the Oktogone Group’s training division.

Oktogone Group

Our values

Recognised training programmes

Designed by professionals, experts and practitioners in their specialist fields, working with educational team, ISCOD’s courses prepare our students for all levels of officially recognised qualifications.

Work-based training pogrammes

ISCOD’s learning approach is based on operational courses with a real-world focus, created by professionals for professionnals. It was therefore a logical step to offer them as work-based programmes so that our students can immediately develop their skills in the business world.

Free and paid learning

Choosing work-based training means choosing to take a fully funded course, in addition to being paid for your work in a company

Our partners

In line with the constantly changing digital world, ISCOD is committed to continuously improving its learning approach

ISCOD, the first 100% digital school !


Qualifying training programmes

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