Luxury & Culture

The luxury sector enables us to dream, with its precious stones and rare objects, full of charm and mystery. Let’s discover this world that is not like any other. 

Brief history of the luxury sector 

According to historians, the first luxury objects date back to 30,000 BC, with the ornaments of prehistoric men. The first pieces of jewellery appeared around 28,000 BC, while the first sculpture representing a model of beauty is more than 25,000 years old. 

These were followed by the discovery of gold, fashion engraving, wool and silk, the first luxury architecture, goldsmithing, jewellery, haute couture and the creation of the leading brands that we still know today.   

Link between culture and luxury 

There are extensive links between art and the luxury sector. Are jewellery designers not artists? And what about the art market and its pieces that sell for impressive prices? 

According to certain historians, luxury is the affirmation of an identity and the ability to showcase our value. Moreover, these are the reasons why it never experiences a crisis. 

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