Animation & Game

From the very beginning of IT through to today, animation has continued to improve. Today, in addition to gaming, through which it has become widely established, it is now an important field for the cinema as well. 

Importance of 2D/3D Animation 

2D/3D animation involves animating objects or characters within virtual or real worlds. When the first video games were launched, this activity involved moving a series of relatively basic pixels. 

Today, we can see the creation of extremely realistic video games and animated films thanks to advanced technologies (e.g. motion capture). This enables virtual characters to act in a natural way, with body and face movements that are close to real life.    

Working as a 2D/3D animator 

Whether they are working in gaming, cinema or advertising, 2D/3D animators start off from a storyboard and sketch. Their role is then to bring the characters to life with computer-generated images. They start off with a skeleton, then use specific software to create movements. 

Clearly, we are talking about a career that requires both real artistry and a strong interest in IT. 

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