Arts & Design

Design includes a number of creative fields, from graphic design to fashion, interior design and illustration… The courses in the world of design combine aesthetic experimentation, research into new uses and new ways of improving day-to-day life. 

The courses in the visual arts field train tomorrow’s artists on painting, sculpture, video, installations, conceptual art, engraving, lithography… Art, by definition, is expressed without any set constraints or with a high level of artistic freedom. However, for orders, designers will need to work within budget and technical constraints. 

What are the differences between art and design? 

There are many differences between these two fields, including the position of performance within art, while design has a duty to be clear for everyone. This does not mean that there are no bridges between the two fields. They can exist alongside one another for designs with a strong aesthetic focus. 

While art is of course omnipresent within our lives, design serves us each day. 

Our schools in this field